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Dodo's Dongles

Crocododo Squish

Crocododo Squish

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Dodo Squish are 2.5" tall, meant for squishing in your hand or keeping on your desk. 

This listing is for a random Crocododo Squish. You can choose between Pastel, Bright, and Dark Color variants that will be a random firmness of Supersoft (0020), Soft (0030), or Medium (0050), or you can choose NearClear (31) for a random color. 

Note on Colorful Cook Handpainted Dodos: Dodos may be flopped for a bubble or seam on or beneath the tail. 

Note on Nearclear: There may be small bubbles visible but enclosed under the surface of the silicone. There may also be a small open bubble near the trim on the base of the squish. These will not be considered flops unless the bubbles are numerous and noticeable. 

Note on Flops: Flops are discounted dodos that didn't come out quite right. Flops maybe include: an open bubble on the body of the squish (most commonly found underneath the tail), a pigment speckle, a silicone 'skin tag' where there is a seam near the base, or rarely, a small tear or inclusion. Flops are truly random blind picks in different colors and firmnesses that may also include 'Frankenpours' (split colors/firmnesses) and Nearclear. 

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