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Crocstar - M/M - C013 *Mega Flop

Crocstar - M/M - C013 *Mega Flop

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Item Details
Size Medium in Medium (0050) Firmness
Poured in "Chocolate Cake" 
Pink Drip is GITD
This insertable dildo is cast in Ecoflex 00-50 platinum cure silicone.

Size Details
Total Length: 8"
Usable Length: 6.5"
Circumference at swell: 6.5"
Circumference at lower shaft: 5.75"

Flop Details

CW Trypophobia

MEGA FLOP for two open bubbles on the shaft. (A small amount of thi-vex was added to the pink drip before pouring, which thickened the silicone a little too much so it didn't catch the side of the mold completely.) Both spots have been repaired with a small amount of sil-poxy, but it is a concern that over time with stress on the silicone, they could be prone to tearing.

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