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Lily - OS/S - L010 *Flop

Lily - OS/S - L010 *Flop

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Item Details
One Size in Soft (0030) Firmness
Poured in Shimmery Purple & Sparkling White
This insertable dildo is cast in Ecoflex 00-30 platinum cure silicone.


Aesthetic Flop:
There are two small bubbles underneath one of Lily's leaves. They should not be visible unless turned upside and closely inspected. These bubbles are not on the insertable part of the toy and should not affect use. 
Discounted (-$5)

Additional cleaning may be required:
There is a small rough spot on the outside of the right stamen near the base. It is a minor flaw on the surface of the silicone and not a full on nick or open bubble, but I recommend a little extra care when cleaning. 
Discounted (-$5)

Special Considerations: This toy utilizes a small amount of purple 100 micron glitter from Eye Candy. This toy has been tested for 'rub out' and has not shed any glitter. (This glitter has since been retired from my color lineup.)

Note: There is a small rough spot at the base of the left stamen (on the inside); it is an area that needs to be smoothed on the master. This is not considered a flop. 

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