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Lily - OS/S - L013 *Flop

Lily - OS/S - L013 *Flop

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Item Details
One Size in Soft (0030) Firmness
Poured in "Neon Candy" 
This insertable dildo is cast in Ecoflex 00-30 platinum cure silicone.

Flop Details

Aesthetic Flop: There are a few small pigment freckles on the leaves and base of the toy. I run my Neons & GITD pigments through a mesh filter but a few freckles still found their way in. 

Discounted (-$5)

Additional Cleaning May Be Required: 

There are two small surface imperfections on the pistil, one on the shaft and one at the base. They are extremely small, shallow tears from removing freckles that were close to the surface. 

Discounted (-$10)

Note: There is a small rough spot at the base of the left stamen (on the inside); it is an area that needs to be smoothed on the master. This is not considered a flop. 

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