About Us

Who is on the team? 

Andy Kimber

I'm 50% raccoon, 50% opossum, 100% trash mammal cobbled together from roadkill by a mad scientist on a stormy night!

I may be dead inside, but I'm still moving around! Don't be intimidated by the bloodshot eyes, I don't have rabies. I promise I'm harmless; in fact, I like to think I have a pretty good heart for being a little monster going through an existential crisis every December.

I'm serious about not taking myself too seriously, but as the sole proprietor of Dodo's Dongles, I have a lot on my plate! I serve the Dodo Overlord by doing all the things, (including filing all the paperwork, tracking profits & losses, managing Shopify, sculpting & molding original prototypes, pouring, trimming, shipping, customer service, and... well, I plan on asking for help with taxes because I am a smooth brain when it comes to numbers, but that's in there too!)

So, please have patience with me and be kind or I will cry! I will do my best to serve you just like I serve the Dodo. Together, we have, like, half of a functioning brain. But we have two and a half hearts! (Really, I was told I was made with a lil extra love--and those extra bits actually make me part skunk on the inside!)

Gregory Mongoose III

Aloha! I'm alive and I have a fully functioning brain (most of the time)! I'm just a Hawaiian Mongoose here to flow with the go, to be Andy's moral support, and to do any heavy lifting and/or pulling of stubborn silicone. (I will probably also be doing her taxes.) I'm also on standby with a sewing kit in case Andy pops a stitch from working too hard and I have the tissues ready for when she bursts into tears (this happens frequently--when she watches movies, listens to Sarah McLachlan, watches heartwarming TikToks through Facebook stories, or thinks too hard about one of her OCs feeling sad, etc, etc.)

I am a food-loving Taurus and a private person, so, without getting too personal, we are a LGBTQA+ couple that have known each other for over 20 years and met online through our mutual love of videogames. 



What's the story with the Dodo? 

Oh, I'm so glad you asked! Halloween is my favorite day of the year, and I thought, what better way to celebrate than to bring something back from the dead? Even better if it's extinct! A lot of preparation went into this adventure, just like a lot of preparation went into this whole dongle-slinging endeavor, so we got to work during the summer, excavating fossils from the tree mold impressions in Hawaii! We found a mosquito encased in amber hidden under layers of lava rock and--what do you know? We found Dodo DNA!

Dodo birds are often portrayed as dumb and clumsy animals, but surprise! Science says they might have actually been highly intelligent. Now, I'm no scientist and I'm not here to prove Science wrong, but this is not the case with our Dodo bird. With her genes spliced with a chicken, the Dodo we hatched is dumb, clumsy, and drawn to all things squishy and colorful with reckless abandon! 


She may have an empty head, but she has a full heart nurtured by the love of her caretakers! She's here for good vibes and ready to live her best life! Which is why we do our utmost to please her and call her our Dodo Overlord. When our Dodo is happy, we are happy.


Credits: Who did your art, designs, & sculpting? 

The artwork for the Dodo logo and our Fursona avatars were drawn by @SpookySt0ner on Twitter.

The dramatic re-enactment of our Dodo's creation was illustrated by @BattyBombshell on Twitter.

Our Lily model, originally designed by Andy Kimber, was digitally sculpted by @War_Hoghunt.

Our Crocstar model (originally sold to us as 'Mutated Cham') was designed and sculpted by Kat from @ExcelDDesigns.

Our Dodo Squishes, inspired by the logo with changes in design made by Andy Kimber, were digitally sculpted by @Anate224.

Our Undine model (originally sold to us as 'Cyathea') was designed and sculpted by @Sionidae from Sionidae Constructs. 

Our Hexus model, originally designed by Andy Kimber, was digitally sculpted by @DeviantGardens.

And a shout out to Chillow Fantasy for assisting with finishing our masters and mold shells!