Frequently Asked Questions


All of our silicone products, including both novelty squishes and adult toys, are made from platinum-cured silicone, a substance that is body-safe, hygienic, non-porous, and extremely temperature resistant. The exact brand and firmness is listed on each inventory listing, but I am starting out with Smooth-On's Ecoflex in 0030 (Soft) and 0050 (Medium) firmness..

Liquid silicone pigments, cosmetic mica, <150 micron mica glitter approved for use in cosmetics for eyes and lips, and nontoxic glow-in-the-dark pigments are just a few of the body-safe pigments we utilize. Right now we have a limited selection from sources we have researched to be sure they are ethically sourced and body-safe. 

I do have a PLA-based glitter that may be utilized in squish toys only (not for usable toys) as glitter is not FDA-approved as a body-safe additive. I also have mica glitters that range up to 300 microns in size that may be utilized in squish without a filter. 

No. We are unable to offer any kind of warranty due to the nature of the product, the range of activities it may engage in, and our inability to presume "proper" usage.

Although platinum silicone is a very durable, robust material, it is also soft and prone to being pierced, cut, torn, or scratched. Your toy should last a lifetime with proper maintenance, but small scratches, nicks, splits, or obvious surface abrasion and mattifying are common, especially with rough use or use without lubrication.

For insertable toys that are comfortably within your preferred size range, 00-50 (medium) is typically advised. Not excessively compressible, yet flexible and malleable, it is not especially sticky on the surface. I would compare it to a flexed muscle.

For insertable toys that are comfortably within or just over your preferred size range, 00-30 (soft) is typically advised. Extremely flexible, highly compressible, and pliable, it has a surface texture with a hint of tacky. I would compare it to a gel shoe insert.

For penetrable toys and insertable toys of all sizes, 00-20 (supersoft) is incredibly soft and squishy. Highly compressible and flexible, it has a surface roughness that is noticeably tacky. I would compare it to a fresh gummy bear.

Nearclear (00-31 or 00-45), which are both marginally firmer than 00-30 and 00-50, respectively, are not currently available from me, but I hope to practice and add them to my repertoire in the future.

Although our firmness ratings are typically identical to those of many other fantasy retailers, toys with the same firmness rating may not necessarily feel the same in hand. The quantity and type of additives as well as the surrounding temperature and humidity can all affect how firm a product feels overall.

For a more thorough explanation on firmnesses, I recommend you see HausGecko’s Indie Toy Firmness Guide here. 

Wash your toy thoroughly before and after every use with warm water and antibacterial toy cleaner or common dish soap. Allow your toy to air dry or pat dry with a paper towel or microfiber cloth before storing. Do not store toys wet in a dark place or you run the risk of mold growing on your toy.

For an occasional deeper clean, toys may be completely submerged and boiled in a pot of water for 5 - 10 minutes or soaked in a 10:1 water/bleach solution, then rinsed thoroughly with water.

DO NOT COMBINE METHODS AND BOIL YOUR TOY IN BLEACH. This will create a poisonous gas.

Also, note: Boiling may result in a change in color and firmness of your toy if done repeatedly over time. I only recommend this method if you are sensitive to bleach.

Toys can be soaked in a diluted mixture of vinegar and lemon juice to help remove stubborn scents (such as cigarette smoke, incense, or body odors.)

Keep your toys in a spot that's tidy and dry. To prevent the toy from attracting dust, lint, or hair, it is advised to store toys in an enclosed container such as a box or cabinet. Toys can also be kept in ziploc bags or cloth bags if you intend to keep them in a drawer or with other items. Do not store platinum cure silicone toys with other non-platinum cure silicone toys, which may melt and ruin your toy. You can safely store platinum cure silicone toys with other platinum cure silicone toys from other makers.

Store toys away from direct sunlight. The color utilized in your toy can be bleached by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, leading to a loss of clarity or the development of cloudiness in the color. However, indirect or rare exposure through daily use will not harm your toy.

Toys can be stored upright on a majority of fabrics, metal, glass, and plastic. Toys can also be kept on wood, although if left there for a long time, softer silicones may leave visible silicone oil stains on hardwood furniture. Toys left sitting on certain textured surfaces may retain imprints on their bases that do not affect the longevity or use of the toy.

Use a water-based lubricant with your silicone toys.

Do not use silicone based lubricant with your toys or you risk degrading your toy.


I do not have a regular drop schedule yet, but drops will be announced ahead of time through the shop newsletter (if/when I figure out how to use it) and Twitter account.

I am a one-person team and have a full-time job outside of Dodo's Dongles, so I will make when I can and as I can afford the materials. I hope that this endeavor can become more than just a hobby, but for now, drops will likely be small and infrequent while I learn to balance my time at my other job with this one and all of the other things I have to do. 

Due to my busy schedule, drops will tentatively take place in January, April, July/August, and November, to coincide with my breaks at my full-time job and to give me enough time to produce a good amount of stock. 

I will not offer full customs in the foreseeable future, but I may offer MTO Guided Surprise toys with limited slots depending on interest and demand. These may include Pastel Surprise, Neon Surprise, or Simple Surprise (1-2 colors) with options to request certain colors be included or excluded, at my discretion.


I am still a beginner maker and I’m taking baby steps towards more complex offerings. Suction cups are a possibility in the future after I have had more practice and if there's enough demand for it, but I have no plans of offering tubes on my toys. Dual density is also a special firmness option I would like to explore and potentially offer on larger toys after I’ve had more practice.

No, I will not offer cart holds, and at this time, I cannot offer pre-shop. Sorry! I’m still learning how to navigate Shopify and all the work on the backend. I do not intend to do unannounced 'stealth' drops, but if something sneaks into inventory, it would probably be due to an uploading error during drop time.

Individually handcrafted items may have minor imperfections like tiny nicks, divots, or scuffs. Even though these flaws are typically very minor and rarely evident, we list any minor problems we are aware of so buyers can make an informed decision on their purchase. These defects are so minor that I would not constitute them as a ‘flop’ and therefore are not eligible for discounts, refunds, or returns.

A toy that has a conspicuous fault and may need extra maintenance. Flaws will be listed in the listing description and product images and any applicable discounts are applied to the individual listing.

Flops will typically be listed as either:

• Aesthetic flaws: Flaws that won’t affect usage but are visible in the toy. Examples: Small bubble deep in the toy, small pigment freckles, wide trim, etc.

• Mild Additional Cleaning required: Flaws that are still safe to use but may require additional care when cleaning. Examples: Nicks or open bubbles on the surface of the toy. (This does not include surface microbubbles from improper degassing, which would be disposed of and not for sale due to the risk of harboring bacteria.)

• Mega Flops: May reduce the overall lifespan of the toy. Would be noted whether the toy is still safe for use or sold as a display-only piece. Mega Flops will either have been repaired with sil-poxy or sold as-is with the suggestion of repair with sil-poxy if possible. Sil Poxy is a certified skin-safe silicone adhesive that can be used to permanently seal and bond nicks and tears in platinum cure silicone.



All Dodo’s Dongles orders are shipped in plain brown cardboard boxes with standard white shipping labels. The return address label displays the name Andy Kimber.

International orders are required to display accurate shipment contents (we use the term "silicone sculpture") and the value of the item(s) on customs forms on the outside of the box.


Barring holidays, illness, and inclement weather, inventory orders are generally processed within 5 days of purchase and are guaranteed to ship within 2 weeks, excluding transit times. I try to operate much faster than these stated timeframes.

Please allow 72 hours for tracking information to update after receiving a shipment confirmation. Once an item has shipped, transit time within the US is generally 2-5 days, excluding the processing time stated above.

We have no way to estimate transit time for shipments outside of the US. Once an item leaves our possession, it is in the care of the selected postal service/carrier. Please direct shipment inquiries to the postal service.

If you would like a toy shipped within a specific timeframe (for example, if you are in the process of moving), please contact prior to purchase. We may be able to offer holds of up to two weeks on items that have not yet shipped.

Yes! I will automatically combine orders shipping to the same address if purchases are made within 12 hours of each other. Shipping is calculated by size and weight, so combining orders will increase the original cost of shipping the first order. Excess shipping from additional orders will be partially refunded as I will retain the needed funds for the extra package weight plus a $2 service fee.

At this time, if you are changing your address from one recipient’s address to one in another city or state, no. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. If, however, you have incorrectly entered your address (example: mistyped or missing apartment number), we will assist with address changes that could result in a misdelivered package.

Shipping changes must be requested within 12 hours of purchase. We cannot guarantee changes for requests made more than 12 hours after purchase and are not responsible if the information entered at checkout is inaccurate.

If an incorrectly entered address results in a package being returned to me, additional shipping charges will be incurred to re-ship the package to the correct address. Customer refusal to cover re-shipping charges or refusal to receive a package will result in a 25% restocking fee being deducted from any refunds issued.

There is no need to take any further action if only the exterior packing is damaged; no compensation may be paid for items that are not lost or broken. As usual, thoroughly wash your toys with soap and water before using them.

Please closely inspect the toy through the bag before opening it. Take pictures of the damaged box AND contents and then contact USPS to submit a Damages Claim (which will require the pictures of the damage.) Unless otherwise advised, do not discard any of the packaging or contents or send them back to me. Do not use or tamper with any of the contents; keep them all together in a secure location.

You shouldn't throw anything away until the case is resolved because there's a chance that USPS will want to personally inspect the item after a damages claim is made. Avoid discarding contents if you want to be fairly paid for your loss because doing so would result in USPS voiding any potential claims. If you return to sender without being specifically instructed to do so, neither I nor USPS will be able to issue a reimbursement to you. If USPS determines the claim is valid, they will issue you a refund.

Due to the intimate nature of these items, we do not accept returns unless there is an undocumented flaw or other error on our end.

If there is a substantial problem with your purchase, we may offer a full or partial refund. You must contact us within 14 days of delivery. Except in the event of a shipping fault on our part, items may need to be returned prior to receiving a full refund. If items must be returned, they should be shipped back promptly. If the return shipping label does not show tracking updates within 7 days from the time we agreed to accepting a return, we will assume you have chosen to keep the toy and cancel your return request. 

Before removing your purchase from its bag, carefully inspect the item for defects. If there is an issue that you believe warrants a refund or return, please do not open or use your toy. If an item has been handled or removed from its bag, we may not be able to assist with issues concerning damage.