Shop News

Welcome! We started this journey on July 1, 2023 and I'm excited at how much progress we've made so far!

Update December 30, 2023:

We are temporarily disabling checkout on Shopify to save on site fees, but our leftover stock will be available on Etsy in January at and new stock will drop on our website in either mid-February or early-March! We are remolding Lily and our dodo squishes (including our OG Dodo we haven't released yet), so hopefully we will have plenty of stock come spring (with a much lower flop rate, I hope!)

Update November 2023:
We will begin with releasing our models in one size, but depending on interest, I would like to eventually release Small and Large sizes for Crocstar and other single-shaft models. For now, our plan is for Lily to remain One Size with Flared and Unflared versions, but there is a possibility of releasing a smaller size in the future as well. 

All Dodo Squishes will be One Size (2.5" tall.)

Trial and error:

I have been cleaning out my smooth-on mixing cups to re-use them after each pour, but because of this, a couple of toys have been flopped for inclusions, which are little silicone boogers I somehow missed while cleaning out the cups. I am looking at alternatives to the smooth-on mixing cups so I stop getting silicone boogs in my toys. 

Toys that require straining pigments (neons, mostly, and some glitters) will have a $5 upcharge for the extra time it takes me to do that extra step. 

I am still figuring out how to use the newsletter function (*nervous laughter*) so it may be a while yet before our first email goes out!

I installed an age verifier but currently have it disabled because it seems to be bugging out and popping up repeatedly on every page even after verifying.