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Undine - M/M (0050) - Guided Surprise MTO

Undine - M/M (0050) - Guided Surprise MTO

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Color Complexity

This listing is for a Medium size, Medium (0050) firmness Undine in a Guided Surprise coloration. This toy is made to order and may take up to 2 weeks to complete before shipping. 

After ordering, please contact us through the contact form with your order # to give us an idea of your color preferences. This can be as simple as "I like cool colors" or "Pink & yellow" or "Anything but red"; or you can be more vague and specify 'I like pastels' or "Dark and metallic"; or you can send in an inspiration picture that I can interpret how I like. 

This is not a full custom listing, so I cannot take requests for hand painting or inclusions.

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